August 19, 2018

Our Tax Resolution Process

We developed a three-step process for resolving tax cases. Every case is a  different, but we use some form of this process on nearly all of them.


Phase I: Tax Research and Analysis

The first step in every tax case is research. We need to investigate the details of your tax issues to diagnose the problem before we can help you fix it.

This Phase involves reviewing your tax returns and gathering information from the IRS to see how it views your tax situation.

During this Phase, we will conduct a comprehensive public records search and contact the relevant state and local tax authorities if we need additional information.


Phase II: Compliance and Strategy

After researching your tax issues, we will help you come into compliance with any unfiled tax returns. The government, understandably, will not negotiate with us if there are still tax returns that you need to file. We will either prepare these tax returns in house or refer you to an accountant we trust.

We have many tools and strategies to address your tax problems. Many of these depend on your financial situation. We will review your finances to determine your eligibility for various tax relief options.


Phase III: Resolution

The final phase involves resolving your tax debt. We have a lot of tools available to do so and the first two phases give us the information we need to develop the best strategy for your situation..

Contact us when you are ready for a fresh start.

About the author 

Benjamin D. Cramer

Ben Cramer is a tax attorney and founder of Cramer Legal, LLC. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and represents individuals and businesses throughout Ohio and the United States in tax disputes, tax planning, and business law.

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