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March 16, 2020

Legal Services During the Coronavirus

Cramer Legal, LLC remains open to help our clients and our communities with legal issues during this challenging time. 

We often tell clients that they need to live life in the midst of their legal problems. We want to say that the reaction to COVID-19 is no different. But let's be honest, this is different. None of us have encountered a disruption of this magnitude before.

Open but Remote

We are working remotely during the pandemic, but we can do nearly everything from remote locations. We can still handle phone calls and email without interruption, and we are scheduling video conferences instead of in-person consultations.

When I formed Cramer Legal, LLC, I started as a "virtual law firm." It was just me and a laptop. I would rent a conference room as needed to meet with clients, but I could work from anywhere that had an internet connection.

We have long since used a full time brick & mortar location and added staff, but we regularly work from home or other places. Technology provides flexibility and we have always leveraged technology as a core value and a competitive advantage to better serve our clients.

Stay Safe

Stay safe and stay healthy. Here are some links to resources about the Virus and the government's response.

About the author 

Benjamin D. Cramer

Ben Cramer is a tax attorney and founder of Cramer Legal, LLC. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and represents individuals and businesses throughout Ohio and the United States in tax disputes, tax planning, and business law.

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