Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Protecting your legacy

Over 60% of Americans have no estate plan - not even a simple will.

Death and Taxes

Estate taxes are irrelevant for the vast majority of Americans. The federal estate tax only applies to estates worth more than $11 million per spouse and Ohio abolished its estate tax altogether.

For most people, the biggest planning opportunity involves avoiding the probate process.

Avoiding Probate

The Probate Court has the important task of interpreting Wills and distributing the assets of someone who died.

The probate process is effective, but it is expensive and can take a very long time.

Probate costs far more than most people realize. The Hamilton County Probate Court has an online calculator to determine the "guideline" fees for a typical probate case. The guideline fees are not mandatory, and your case could cost more or less, but the calculator shows that the main beneficiary of the probate process is often the probate attorney.

In most cases, a good Estate Plan can avoid the expense of probate.

Business Owners

Every business owner needs an estate plan. Business ownership is far more than just a job; it is a lifestyle. Your estate plan needs to address how you want to handle your business when you pass, and what to do with it if you are incapacitated.

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