Small Business Law

Legal Help for Business Owners

A business attorney (and an accountant and a banker) should be part of your team from the beginning.

An experienced small business attorney can work with you and other professionals to select the appropriate business structure to minimize your liability and take advantage of the tax opportunities.

You should consult an attorney when your business faces a transition.

Business Formation

We will help you choose and create the right legal and tax structures for your business to give you legal protection and take advantage of tax opportunities. We will register your business with the state and the IRS and we will draft the contracts and other agreements you need to protect you and your business.

Business Operation

Some common legal transitions are hiring and employee or contractor, leasing or purchasing office space, adding a partner, member or shareholder, and acquiring or merging with another business.

Business Taxation

Tax compliance can seem overwhelming and it is easy to get into trouble. We believe small businesses are the best tax shelters available -- if they are setup and managed properly. Our focus on tax law gives us a unique insight into the legal and tax consequences of business activity. We can develop a tax strategy for you or coordinate with your other tax advisers. 

Business Litigation

Every business will have a dispute at some point. Our proactive approach to resolving these in your favor begins at formation. Having the right structures and  agreements in place before the fight positions you to win. Sometimes litigation is unavoidable, and we have gthe experience to help when you need it.

Business Liquidation

All good things come to an end. Whether it is a business sale, merger, or retirement, we will help transfer or close your business when the time comes. We have significant experience with business insolvency issues, both in and outside of the bankruptcy process. 

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