Tax Audits

Tax Audit Defense

Don't Take on the Government by Yourself

An audit is about whether you can prove your income and expenses in a way that complies with the rules and satisfies the auditor.

You may think you "have nothing to hide," but that attitude usually results in a tax bill. 

The Stakes are High

Audits are a major fundraiser for the government. Over 80% of audits result in an increased tax bill.

For business owners, an audit frequently expands to include business and personal tax returns. After the IRS makes an adjustment, the State will make a similar adjustment. 

Benefits of Experienced Tax Counsel

  • Once we get involved, the IRS is required to communicate with us instead of trying to bully you. We have handled many audits; the IRS does not intimidate us.
  • We know the rules. We have had cases where an auditor requested information or made adjustments in excess of what the law allows and we know how to respond.  We are experienced in IRS Appeals and we are not afraid to litigate if necessary.
  • We speak the same language. We know what the auditor is looking for and why. We have developed a process for handing audits that saves our clients time and money by allowing us to work efficiently through the process.

Are you being audited?

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