Tax Disputes

Taxpayer Representation

Professionals with experience fighting for taxpayers.

Resolving Tax Controversies

We have significant experience with tax resolution tools, such as:

  • Installment Agreements
  • Innocent Spouse/Injured Spouse Claims
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Penalty Abatement
  • State and Local Tax Issues
  • Taxes and Bankruptcy
  • Tax Court Litigation
  • Tax Refund Lawsuits

If you have a tax problem, or a tax situation that you fear will become a tax problem, contact us to discuss your options and develop a strategy to get you some peace.

Common Tax Problems

Tax problems are more common than people realize. The tax issues listed below are some of the common scenarios we help clients resolve.

Unfiled Tax Returns / Amended Tax Returns

Our average case involves three years of unfiled tax returns, but we have had cases where the clients had not filed a tax return for over thirty years. 

Depending on the circumstances, we can either prepare these returns ourselves, work with your tax preparer, or retain a tax professional we trust to prepare them.

Tax Liens

The government regularly files tax liens to protect its interests when there is an unpaid tax balance. Tax liens are public records that can affect your ability to obtain financing or sell real estate and other assets.

Tax Levies & Garnishments

A tax levy is one of the government's most powerful collection tools. The government can seize bank accounts, garnish paychecks, and seize assets. The IRS can even garnish up to 15% of Social Security benefits. 

Revenue Officers

Revenue Officers are IRS collection agents charged with the task of collecting unpaid taxes. They have broad authority to seize assets and issue liens. They are trained to make their first appearance in person. If you have been visited by a Revenue Officer. Contact a tax attorney immediately.

Tax Appeals and Tax Litigation

The government doesn't like to admit that it makes mistakes, but it happens. It happens a lot more than most people realize. If the government is wrong, we can appeal its decision and take it to court if necessary.

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